Are Your Phone Interviews At Risk?

It amazes me as to how many candidates I have screened/interviewed over the past six months that are either using a poor quality cell phone or the location they are in has terrible cell phone reception. Between dropped calls and poor reception that cause garbled speech cell phone interviews are more often than not real challenges. The same can be said about a hiring manager that is trying to conduct a phone interview; if the hiring manager is using a cell phone to conduct the phone interview they too may be dropping calls and/or perhaps having issues with garbled speech because of poor cell phone reception. Even VoIP calls are challenging at times. You just can’t beat a land line phone line for clarity. Problem is that more and more people are dumping land lines for mobile lines only; not only are individual consumers dumping their home phones even businesses are opting for at minimal VoIP phone systems or the use of mobile lines only.

All this leads to the fact that candidates and hiring managers that are conducting phone interviews need to take in consideration the type of phone communications that they are using. Having access to a good strong cellular signal, using a good quality cell phone or VoIP phone and ensuring that the person on the other end of the call can hear you clearly are all part of being appropriately prepared for a phone interview.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings before you begin a phone interview; is there a chance that an emergency vehicle will blare its siren as it goes by because you are standing outside your office building? Do you have a conference room or an office with a door that you can use while conducting your phone interview? Are you at home where there is the risk of children, pets or delivery people making noise while you are on your phone interview? As obvious as some of this sounds not many people take it into consideration until they are disrupted in the middle of an important interview call. Don’t blow your opportunity to land a job offer because you didn’t take the time to consider your phone communications options and surroundings prior to your phone interview. Likewise, as a hiring manager, don’t lose out on a stellar candidate because you didn’t consider your phone communications options and surroundings prior to your phone interview. Contact ATAC for more information by following this link: Contact Us.



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